The Gallant Soldier


The Gallant Soldier

When war drums beat and cannons rattle, sage and sire stories tell,
The gallant soldier then goes to battle, he glories in both shot and
If he falls he dies in glory, if he lives he’ll wear a crown,
Of the finest lauril wreathing, and a name of high renown.

Let no one then despise the soldier, mark the term understand,
No one has a heart more bolder, he’s bone and sinew of the land;
On he’ll go to the field of battle, death or danger he does not fear,
Against the foe to save his country in martial garb he will appear.

Hark! I hear the trumpet sounding in the distance, see what’s there
All is hubbub and confusion, see the soldiers front and rear:
See the heights beyond the river, and the valley just below:
And our Union men going thither with their gleaming sabres glow.

Now ensues the doubtful battle every inch disputed well,
Amidst the clouds of smoke and fire, many a youth unoticed fell,
Down runs the blood as fast as water, gushing from a rock or dell,
Dreadful dreadful was the slaughter, the death wing’d bullet
proudly tell.

The shouts and cries of bleeding soldiers there would pierce a heart
of stone.
Some calling to the Lord for mercy, others mangled flesh and bone
Then oh, dear Lord look down with pity on this state of things
And check that dreadful monster envy that caused such sacred
blood to flow.

What demon fiend of maladiction wrought such evils in our land.
When all was pleasure peace and plenty work and wages for each
But oh! alas the sad affliction, all is grief and sorrow here,
See the father, sister, mother and the widow all in tears.

Many a city left forlorn with the grass growing on the street,
And many a widow left to mourn, with her orphans at her feet.
Many a brave and gallant soldier, from his wife his friends and all,
Fell a victim in the battle, to some shell or cannon ball.

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