The Gallant Sons of Erin


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

The Gallant Sons Of Erin.

You, Soldiers brave, pray pay attention: gentle folks, grand
While in this song I will make mention of the sons of Erin;
Whose brave behavior do excel what pen can write or tongue
can tell;
The Sixty-Ninth, you all know well, are gallant sons of Erin.

Brave General Corcoran who commands these sporting boys from
Paddies’ land,
To lead our heroes, sword in hand, he is ready at his station:
When mars the blast of war will sound, in the ranks of honor
they’ll be found,
Where glorious victory always crowned the gallant sons of Erin.

The Prince of Wales, when travelling through this great republic,
that is true,
In New York City he did review some men from every nation;
But gallant Corcoran boldly said: though my orders always I
I vow this day I will not parade my gallant sons of Erin.

Who at the battle of last July, when other troops did quickly fly,
Who stood and did their foes defy, but gallant sons of Erin,
At famed Manassas and Bull-Run, where glorious laurels they had
Not a man being absent from his gun, of these true sons of Erin?

Brave Corcoran, wounded on the plain, called to his men to charge
Each Captain boldly did maintain a dauntless soldier’s station:
And stood the plain for many an hour, though shot and shell
like rain did shower,
To prove their valor, tact and power as gallant sons of Eriu.

Then, soldiers, toast to mother Earth, that fertile soil that gave
you birth!
For, honor, glory, pride and mirth are won by sons of Erin;
And let your watchword always be: the standard-Flag of Liberty!
Yet in hopes to get our Shamrock free, my gallant sons of Erin!

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