Gay and Happy


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New York.

Gay And Happy.

I am the girl that’s gay and happy,
And I your attention call;
If you’ll listen to my story,
I will try to please you all.

If the President sat beside me,
I would sing with usual glee;
He might smile or frown upon me,
Still I’d sing and happy be.

If a man be poor and needy,
I could never pass him by;
But with kindness I would treat him,
And this world I would enjoy.

You may say: the rich and wealthy
Poverty they do despise,
I am content, tho’ poor but healthy,
Health is the only boon I prize.

In the South they threaten disunion,
If the North will not obey;
But the spirit of General Washington
Still keeps guard with Henry Clay.

Here’s success to Major Anderson,
The hero, and his gallant band,
Ever ready to protect or die
To save his native land.

With our hands and hearts united,
With the Constitution stand;
The Union and our Flag for ever,
The Stars and Stripes, and our native land.

Now; my friends, my song is ended,
Let the world wag as it will;
Every night I’ll try to please you,
I’ll be gay and happy still.

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