Gen. Gilmore vs. Beauregard



Gen Gilmore VS. Beauregard!

Round the South Atlantic Shores,
Hark! the Parrott gun now roars,
In tones of bolting thunder, Gilmore has opened fight
Against Charleston and her forts.
Hark! the Navy now reports;
The battle-storm is raging most fiercely day and night.

Fort Sumpter of renown,
Her walls are tumbling down,
Fort Wagner and Fort Gregg, their capture most complete.
Fort Moultrie half despoiled,
Concerted plans well foiled.
Brave Dahlgren still advancing with his Iron Fleet.

After forty days bombard,
Gilmore to Beauregard,
Summoned a surrender of Island and of Fort,
And in default thereof
His shells would throw aloft,
Their lodgment they should find in the place where traitors sport.

Come now Beauregard, consider
Full two days to surrender,
Or Charleston I will shell, non-combatants having fled;
I’ll rend your works asunder
And blow your Forts to thunder,
And sweep through obstructions with my Navy Iron-clad.

But Beauregard replied
I cannot coincide,
I’ll hold at all hazards my defences most complete;
Now your Parrotts I defy,
To your Iron clads reply,
Now Gilmore vs Beauregard with balls each other greet.

With unrelenting ire,
Brave Gilmore opened fire
From Parrott gun and Monitors, hark! fire thunder loom,
The flames now flash around;
Cries Gilmore I am bound
To plant the stars and stripes upon your highest dome.

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    Anderson, A
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