Gen. Siegel's Celebrated Camp Song



Gen. Siegel’s Celebrated Camp Song.

Hark! the loud reveille of the artillery
Echoes in answering shouts from the hills;
Rise, comrades, rise! ‘tis the matin of victory,
Freedom’s pure soul now each patriot’s fills.

Mark where our banners dance, fronting the long advance,
Strike for that starry flag, sons of the brave;
Shout your loud battle-cry, “onward to win or die!”
Fame builds her throne on the patriot’s grave.

On, where the musketry lightens to victory!
On, through the thunder and rain of the balls!
Where our proud standards fly, where men with honor die,
Blest is the hero that valiantly falls.

Strike for our broken laws, strike for our holy cause,
Strike for the memories of our great dead;
Strike deep, firm hearts and stanch, strike like an avalanche,
Crushing armed infamy under your tread.

On! one fierce struggle yet; only the bayonet!
See! they are broken,—they fly, boys, they fly!
They to the sword appeal,—give them enough of steel!
On, then, for freedom! we win, boys, or die!

A W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER, 110 North 10th St, ab. Arch, Philadelphia

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