The Girl I Left Behind Me


J. H. JOHNSON, Song Publisher, 7 N. Tenth St., Philadelphia.

The Girl I Left Behind Me.

’Tis many days since I left home
To join our glorious army,
I thought but of my Country’s call,
And not of what might harm me;
I vowed to join both heart and hand,
Where duty calls you’ll find me,
I left my home, and shed a tear
For the girl I left behind me.

To meet the foe was my desire
Upon the field of battle,
“The Keystone State,” my battle cry,
While cannon’s thunders rattle:
But while I’m fighting for my flag,
And dust and smoke do blind me,
I’ll not forget to give one thought
To the girl I left behind me.

Oh, when rebellion is crushed out,
And traitors slain or taken,
The Stars and Stripes will shine more
And joy each heart awaken:
The horrors of grim war will flee—
Like troubled dreams remind me,
How sweet to know I’ll meet once more
The girl I left behind me.

Surrounded now by friends and kin,
Who smile, weep and caress me,
I watch the tears of joy that flow,
As each dear one doth bless me.
But there is one who moves my soul,
My tears now almost blind me;
God grant I’ll be obliged no more
To leave my girl behind me.

J. H. JOHNSON, Stationer & Printer, 7 N, 10th St., Phila.

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