The Girl I Left Behind Me


Auner, Stationer and Printer, 45 North 9th St., Philadelphia,Pa

The Girl I Left Behind Me.

’Tis many days since I left home
To join our glorious army,
I thought but of my country’s call,
And not of what might harm me;
I vowed to join both heart and hand,
Where duty calls you’ll find me,
I left my home and shed a tear,
For the girl I left behind me,

To meet the foe was my desire
Upon the field of battle,
“The Keystone State,” my battle cry,
While cannon’s thunders rattle,
But while I’m fighting for my flag,
And dust and smoke do blind me,
I’ll not forget to give one thought
To the girl I left behind me.

Oh, when rebellion is crushed out,
And traitors slain or taken,
The Stars and Stripes will shine more bright,
And joy each heart awaken:
The horrors of grim war will flee—
Like troubled dreams remind me,
How sweet to know I’ll meet once more,
The girl I left behind me.

Surrounded now by friends and kin,
Who smile, weep and caress me,
I watch the tears of joy that flow,
As each dear one doth bless me.
But there is one who moves my soul,
My tears now almost blind me;
God grant I’ll be obliged no more
To leave my girl behind me.

Auner, Song Publisher, 45 N. 9th St., Philadelphia,Pa.

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