Give Us Back Our Old Commander


Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N, 10th St, Phila.

Give Us Back Our Old Commander.

Give us back our old Commander,
Little Mac, the people’s pride,
Let the army and the nation,
In their choice he satisfied,
With McClellan as our leader,
Let us strike the blow anew,
Give us back our old Commander,
He will see the battle through.

Men may fight for fame and glory,
Some may fight just—”for the tin;”
Give us then our noble leader,
Let us fight, but fight to win.
Uncle Sam has lots of money,
Mighty stores and many men.
Yet the people “think it funny”
We should he repulsed again.

Pope he made a dash for Dixie,
Said he’d set the darkies free,
But he hasn’t done a’ready,
What we did expect to see.
Down upon the Rappahannock,
Burnside went with army bold,
Tho’ repuls’d he did his duty,
Acting just as he was told.

Congressmen may plan and twaddle,
How the fighting should be done,
Bull Run taught them to skedaddle,
Ely took too slow a run.
Editors! our men of wisdom?
Lay the plan for Richmond’s fall,
Greeley knows, just how McClellan,
Could have bag’d the rebels all.

Down in Dixie he may lead us,
We will follow any route,
Still the silly war department,
Gives the order—Right About,
Lincoln’s great on Proclamations,
Stanton counsels Uncle Sam,
Halleck does as their adviser,
Fremont is a perfect sham.

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