The Glorious Flag of Liberty


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New York.

The Glorious Flag Of Liberty.

We will pull down the Rebel Flag; it shall not wave on high;
And place above it, in Its stead, the one for which we’d die:
The one for which our fore-fathers fought, in the battle-field
of fame;
And the one for which we’re fighting, now, upon the
raging main.

Here’s to the gallant Sixty-Ninth! great honor have they won
By fighting with the Rebels, at the Battle of Bull-Run.
The battle it was desperate, and the Rebels were nearly beat.
When something unluckily turned up which caused for us
a retreat.

Here’s a health to Gen. McClellan! and may his life be long!
I hope he’ll prove victorious against the Rebel throng;
And that he’ll plant the Stars and Stripes wherever
they will stand.
To give proof of our victories, way down in Dixie’s Land!

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