The Glorious Stripes & Stars


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

The Glorious Stripes & Stars.

Come all, you loyal Patriots, many may there be,
To oppose those rebel foes, and keep the Country free;
From anarchy and confusion and length of civil wars,
Preserve the Flag and Union, the Stripes and glorious stars.

We’ll teach the rebel demagogues, and let the world know
That we are loyal Patriots, fear neither death nor foe;
We’ll tell those fire-eaters their heads they must not wag,
But bow with due submission to the Union and the Flag!

When we meet with mad Jeff Davis, we’ll give him a hot salute
We’ll put a bullet in his pocket, that will end the damned dispute,
Which has our country maddened with continual strife and jars;
But we’ll make those proud Seceeders to respect the Stripes and Stars!

We have the men and money our cause for to maintain,
And plenty of provision and ships upon the main,
To make those niggar drivers quit their fighting and their wars
And pay a due submission to the Union Stripes and Stars.

To the Union Stripes and stars which unite us all in one,
A more glorious Flag the sun never shown upon;
Then with our blood and money, we’ll defend it, that we can,
And drive every rebel traitor out of this once, happy land.

This once happy land, when united one and all,
In spite of every effort when divided it must fall;
May the Lord, in his mercy, who is all powerful and good,
Avert from us those evils and the effusion of our blood.

Those sacrilegious fire-brands we’ll make them pay most dear,
We’ll weed the tares out of the wheat no more for to appear,
We’ll pay them home with shot and shell for the deed they have done,
Trampling on the sacred laws of the immortal Washington.

When unity and peace and good order we obtain,
Our trade and our commerce will flourish once again;
Then no more we will hear of such fighting and such wars,
For, all the nations round us must respect the Stripes and Stars.

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