Glory to God! Glory to God!


Price 5 cents. 50 cents per doz. $3 per 100. In Sheet form with Plano accomp., 30 c:s Mailed at the retail price. Published by HORACE WATERS. 481 Broadway N. Y. Entered according to the act of Congress A.D. 1865, by HORACE WATERS, in the Clerk’s office of the U.S. Dist, Court of the Sourthern Dist. of New York.

Glory To God! Glory To God!

2 Peace on the earth! Peace on the earth!
Good will to Men! Be our anthem!
Here, over Washington’ grave, in communion,
Pledging our Country to Freedom and Union!
Refuge from Tyranny’s danger;
Home of the Exile and stranger:
Peace be on earth! Peace be on earth!
Good will to Men—out of Liberty’s birth—

3 Glory to God ! Glory to God !
Land of our Fathers ! thon cryest !
Praise to the Name our Lord, for His Mercies
Praise to His Power, who hath scattered our curses!
Praise, for His Strength that secureth;
Praise, for His Love, that endureth!
Ripening the Harvest, and quickening the sod!—
Glory to God ! Glory to God !

4 Glory to God ! Glory to God !
Glory to God in the Highest!
Liberty, Life, and Redemption we owe Him !
Glory and Praise to Jehovah !—Elahim !
Mountains, and vales and savannas
Mingling their voiceful hosannas !
Glory to God ! Glory to God !
Under His Rainbow, or under His Rod,

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