God Will Care for Mother Now


[ H. DE. MARSAN. DEALER SONGS, TOY BOOKS & C. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.?]

God Will Care for Mother Now.

Weep no more, O nobly fallen!
Banish sorrow from thy heart;
Hark! the Angels, round thee hov’ring,
Words of peace and joy impart:
See! they bid you Join their number,
Wreathe bright laurels round thy brow,
Murm’ring softly, as they crown thee:
God will care for Mother now.

When that Mother, sad and lonely,
Mourns her loved and cherished one:
When, in agony, she murmurs:
When she’s crushed and bowed with trouble,
And her heart is filled with fears..
Then, the Angels sweetly whisper:
God will wipe away her tears.

Oh! how sweet those words of comfort
To the dying soldier’s ear!..
Who so anxiously is asking:
“Who will cherish Mother here,
When I reach that land of glory,
And before my Maker bow?”
Sweetly comes the whispered answer:
God will one for Mother now.

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