God Will Repay


Baltimore, 1862 H. REBEL.

God will Repay.

There is no day, however darkly clouded
But hath a brighter sun,
There is no truth, however falsely shrouded,
But hath its martyrs won.

No grief, that bringeth not some consolation,
When the first pang is past,—
No loss, without its hidden compensation,
To heal or soothe at last.

So in this hour, when even Justice slumbers,
Our courage shall not fail;
Might is not Right, and strength lies not in numbers,
Nor will the strong prevail.

The few, alas, must suffer, for the many,
Oh! brave and chosen few!
To whom the loss of freedom, ever sad to any,
Is still more sad to you.

Whose native State is held in base subjection,
A camp for armed men;
Whose native city waits in proud dejection.
Her liberty again!

Be your the place of honor; yours the crowning,
Yours is the leaders right,
Who, where those waved-washed dungeon walls are
Have fought the noblest fight.

There with the shield the Constitution granted,
“Wallis” defends our cause,
And good George Kane the fearless and undaunted,
Resists the tyrant’s laws.

There” Scott” has shown us, how with faith unswerving
Even bondage may be borne,
How Roman firmness, patient in deserving,
Can never be uptorn.

There” Brown” and “Gordon,” and a host of heroes,
Steadfast, uphold their aim:
Whilst perjured Seward, last and worst of Nero’s,
Sets all the world a flame.

Dear Maryland, thy children will not shame thee,
Nor aid thy feet to fall;
Let those who choose to question, dare to blame thee.

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