Good News from Home


Good News from Home.

Good news from home, good news to me!
’Twas wrote at home! O! let me see,
The writing on the back alone
Would tell me there’s good news from home.

Good news from home the soldiers say,
When letters come there’s no delay;
With hurried steps—eager to see—
There must be some good news for me.

Me thinks I see my wife at home
She’s writing to her husband gone:
Though many months, there left alone,
She knows I wish to hear from home.

Am I missed at home: do you think it long?
In evening shades or early morn,
At the supper table when alone,
O! tell me, am I missed at home?

When shall I see the cottage door?
And see my friends at home once more?
’Twas there I knew no grief or care,
My heart was always happy there.

Though I may never see it more,
Nor stand upon my cottage floor;
Wherever I am doomed to roam,
My heart will be with those at home

I know you wish for me to come—
When Yankee cannon, fife and drum,
Shall in our land be heard no more,
Then look for me and not before.

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