The Goose Hangs High No. 2


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The Goose Hangs High. No. 2

Come, listen to my rhyming, and I’ll not detain you long;
’Tis all about the Country, as I’ll tell you in my song;
We all do love our Country, and for Freedom cry,
And every thing goes lovely, and the goose hangs high,

Now, there’s our Southern Brethren, they’re feeling very ill;
They always got fat offices, but couldn’t get their fill;
They want to rule the Country, too: but they can’t although they try,
For, every thing goes lovely, and the goose hangs high.

So them, they took to stealing, ’twas the best that they could do,
They stole our Forts and Arsenals, and all the money, too:
They did not leave a dollar, but to steal it did try,
For, every thing was lovely, and the goose hung high.

Until they came to PICKENS, and they thought to get it, too,
But brave Lieutenant Slemmer said: that would never do,
So, he sent old BRAGG a warning that made him rather shy;
For, our guns they stuck out boldly, and our Flag kung high.

So then, we called for Volunteers the Country for to save,
And show the Southern Chivalry that Northern men were brave:
Thou, we sent them down our New-York boys who swore to conquer or die,
And make every thing look lovely, and the goose hang high.

And then, our gallant Firemen formed a regiment of Zouavee
And, under Colonel Ellsworth, espoused the Country’s cause
But they lost their young Commander, for the Union he did die,
But they’ll make the South pay dearly, and the goose hang high.

Now, there’s McClellan at the head of our forces on the land,
And gallant Commodores on the seas to make the rebels stand
They will crush out this rebellion; for the Union shall not die
Then, every thing will go lovely, and the goose hang high.

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