Hail! To the South


Song. Hail! to the South.

Another star arisen, another flag unfurled,
Another name inscribed among the nations of the world!
Another mighty struggle ’gainst a tyrant’s fell decree,
And again a burthened people have uprisen and are free!

The spirits of the fathers in the children liveth yet;
Liveth still the olden blood which hath dimmed the bayonet.
And the fathers fought for freedom, and the sons for freedom fight—
Their God was with their fathers, and is still the God of right.

Behold! the skies are darkened! a gloomy clowd hath lowered!
Shall it break in happy peacefulness, or spread its rage abroad?
Shall we have the smiles of friendship, or feel fierce foul blow,
And bare the red red right hand of war to meet the insulting foe?

In peacefulness we wish to live, but not in slavish fear;
In peacefulness we dare to die, dishonored on our bier;
To our allies of the Northern land we offer heart and hand,
But if they scorn our friendship, then the banner brand.

Honor to the new-born nation! honor to the brave!
A country freed from thraldom, or a soldier’s honored grave!
Ever rock shall be a tombstone, every rivulet run red,
And the invader, should be conquer, find the conquered in the dead.

But victory shall follow where the sons of freedom go,
And the signal for the onset be the death-knell of the foe;
And hallowed be the sacred spot where they bravely met,
And the star that rises yonder shall never set.

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