Hail to the Union


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street.

Hail to the Union.

Hope of the race which from Heroes descended,
Glory and wisdom in friendship will blend,
This Union must stand till the end of all time,
Ark of our liberty, grand and sublime,
May the voice or the hand raised to dissever,
Perish in infamy blasted forever.

Spirits of Washington, Warren and Morgan,
Sing it aloud with the tones of the organ,
Spirits of all our great heroes and sages,
Combining the wisdom and goodness of ages,
Come to your children dear, Liberty-living
Teach them to stand by their Union loving.

Who seeks to earn a traitor’s shame and death,
To be accursed by all till the latest breath,
By plunging this great nation into strife,
Most dire and deadly, brother knife to knife,
All hopes destroy’d for liberty’s success,
Naught left but war, disunion and distress.

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