Happy Land of Canaan


Union Happy Land of Canaan,

O I’m almost 79 and I’ll tell you in my rhyms,
When this country was invaded by the Britons
Till America’s son Gen. G. Washington
Made them get from dis happy Land of Canaan,

Oh, ho, ho, Ah, ha, ha, ha the time of the War is come sir,
General McClellan says he is ready, and he will make the rebels crazy,
For he’s bound to keep the Happy Land of Canaan.

Col. Baker he was shot God bless his noble heart,
He was riding at the head of his regiment,
The rebels shot him down, and his loss we greatly mourn.
He belonged to the Happy Land of Canaan.

If the Traitors in de North and the Hot Heads in de South,
Are tired of this great and glorious Union,
Then pull up their stakes and travel to salt lake,
We can spare them from this happy land of Canaan.

Then up with the stars and stripes and down with Civil War,
May the scream of the eagle still be Union,
Hail Columbia, Yankee Doodle, God bless the whole co-poodle,
And save them, in this Happy Land of Canaan.

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    Still Image
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    Monroe, Charley
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    16 cm x 12 cm
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