Happy Land of Canaan No. 5


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Happy Land of Canaan. No. 5.

You may talk about de times,
But jes listen to my rhymes:
It brings to you de news accordin’,
It tells you how to catch
Old Jeff and Beauregard,
And fotch ’em to de happy land of Canaan.

Oh, the Rebels, they can blow,
As all ob you may know,
Kase dey beat us at de battle of Bull-Run;
But when we came on dem again,
We shall shoe dem some fun,
And bring dem to de happy land of Canaan

Oh, white folks, I s’pose you read
’Bout old Jeff and his white steed,
Dat was seen in dat engagement:
Says a Union Volunteer:
Oh, I’d like to pop him dere,
And squash him to de happy land of Cannan.

Oh, de Fire-Zouaves were dere,
Dey made de Black-horse Cavalry stare;
De wey dey fought on dat occasion,
Dey made dem open deir eyes,
And look in great surprise,
And wish dey were in de happy land of Canaan.

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