Happy Land of Kanaan


Happy Land of Kanaan.

I’ am going to sing a song it wont keep you long,
It’s all about the times that we depend on,
And it is all about the Folks that crack the little jokes,
Singing Hi for the happy land of Kanaan.

The next thing that comes is our good old southern home,
Lots of Mush and Milk for to gorge on,
Our Massa so good, we would’nt leave him if we could,
Never for an abolition gorgon.

If any is got a right to talk about the fight,
That gave us Liberty and Freedom standing,
It am the brave old Maryland line that is always up to time,
To knock the British to the happy land of Kanaan.

Now there was a man slayer and his name Tom Sayers,
He said he could whip any man training,
But up steps, John C. Heenan and he gave Sayers such a peeling,
And he sent him to the happy land of Kanaan.

Now Heenan and Sayers went out to fight,
Sayers thought that he could easy train him,
But Heenan put his left in, and knocked Sayers off his pins,
And sent him to the happy land of Kanaan.

Down in Harper’s Ferry Section, there was an insurrection,
Old Brown thought the Niggers would sustain him,
But Massa Gov. Wise, put his specks on his eyes,
And sent him to the happy land of Kanaan.

The latest telegraphic news, from the land of Boots and Shoes,
Is glorious to read and muse on,
For the John Brown call, at the Boston Fanuel Hall,
Was broke up by the men of the Union.

Now Abe Lincoln is elected, as none of us expected,
I hope the Constitution will sustain him,
But if he don’t do what’s right, we’ll all get up a fight,
And send him to the happy land of Kanaan.

There’s a little Mare up the street, that I know can’t be beat,
In horse flesh she is a perfect sample,
Like America’s pride and joy the brave Benicia Boy,
And they call her darling little Flora Temple.

The Ladies’ dress is neat as they promenade the street,
Measuring just forty-five feet through,
It takes twenty yards of Calico and a yard of Mareno blue,
To cover up the hoop de dooden doo.

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    Still Image
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    Edwards, Jim.
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    22.5 cm x 13 cm
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