Help Us Save the Union


Help us Save the Union.

COME all that love this mighty nation.
Listen to this invitation,

Come, sons of patriotic sires,
Your aid our Union now desires,

Come lend a hand, and with us stand,
To guard our homes and freedom’s land,

Sister States, pray do not leave us,
Shall your sons at least deceive us,

Heed not traitors, they’d decoy you,
By their plots they would destroy you,

At once let Treason’s plot be crushed,
Tramp not our flag beneath the dust.

Oh! raise its spangled folds again,
For Union let each star proclaim,

Oh! land that gave us Washington,
Remember deeds his valor done,

Remember, too, his last farewell,
And ring Secession’s funeral knell,

Sons of the South once more come forth,
Shake hands, as brothers, with the North,

Think who framed our declaration.
Save, O save our happy nation,

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