The Hillhouse Infantry



The Hillhouse Infantry.

Now all kind friends that’s here to-night, give ear unto my song:
It’s about the Hillhouse Infantry, and I’ll not detain you long
We are a few that will prove true, of this our great communion.
Who volunteer’d to serve three years, to eat HARD TACK for Union

Although the din of bloody strife has not yet thinned ourranks,
‘Tis not to Rebel valor that to this we give our thanks:
And should we meet the haughty foe upon the field of battle,
We’ll give ‘em cold steel to the heart, though bullets round us rattle.

Our regimental number is One Hundred and Thirty-Two,
That left the Empire-City for to put Rebellion through;
Our wish has not yet been fulfilled, but we hope the time is coming
When the word: Advance! Will give us chance to keep the “Johnnies” running!

Our camp is near to Newbern-town, at a place called Bachelor-Creek;
Our Colonel, P. J. Claasen, for a fight is ever quick;
He’ll lead us on to victory, and will stand by the Constitution;
For he battles for the Union against Southern-dissolution.

On the first day of the second month in Eighteen-sixty-four,
The Rebs. under General Pickett, did down upon us pour:
We kept them at bay ‘till close of day, and never did act finer.
They lost Colonel Shaw and Barnwell Rhett of North and South-Carolina.

And now, dear friends, before I close, I’ll speak of Little Mac;
Had he been our President, sure the South would have come back;
He is the soldier’s greatest friend; his dismissal was a pity;
And had they left him where he was, he’d entered Richmond-City.

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