Hoist up the Flag


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 60 Chatham Street, New-York

Hoist up the Flag

Away down in Dixie, the war first begun,
Way down at Fort-Sumpter, with Major Anderson;
He stood by the Flag with a heart brave and true,
And fought like a man for the Red, White, and Blue!

’Twas there that Secession first started the war;
They shot down our soldiers in the streets of Baltimore,
And Ellsworth was slain when he tore down the rag
The Rabels had raised for a Jeff. Davis flag.

Then, down on an island we call Roanoke,
Our men had a battle that raised a big smoke;
Our boys fought away, to the Rebels’ surprise,
Till they all ran away after Governor Wise.

Again, down by Norfolk, we drove the foe back,
And fought Seven hours with the big Merrimac;
The old Monitor went a bobbing around,
And drove her about, till she run her aground.

Old England is trying to kick up a fuss:
We think they had better not interfere with us;
If they come to fight, they will find it no fun,
They’ll get what they got from General Washington.

Our troops are the finest the world ever saw;
Our men are the bravest that e’er went to war;
Our land is the best where e’er you may go;
The boys they are fast, and the girls are not slow.

We’ll fight for the Union, but just as it was,
Nor care what Secesh or Abe-o-lition does;
We’ll stand by the Flag, the Sword, and the Gun,
To save from dishonor the land of Washington!

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