The Home Guards


The Home Guards.

I’m a Home Guard true and steady,
Wide awake, when treason’s nigh,
When the Union calls, I’m ready,
To defend her Flag, or die.

We have sworn on Union’s Altar,
By our patriot father’s scars,
That no heart nor hand shall falter,
’Till we’ve avenged our Stripes and Stars.

By old Baltimore’s streets gory,
With our slaughtered comrade’s blood,
We’ll baptize each coward Tory,
In the dark Patapsco’s flood.

Ere the Traitor foe shall brave us,
Or destroy our Liberty,
We will hang their Chief, Jeff Davis,
On his own Palmetto tree.

They would set our cities burning,
And each white man make a Slave,
And would plunder from Mount Vernon,
Washington, our Father’s grave.

They boast because we can’t grow cotton,
But our Free soil always brings
Enough of Hemp to make a Choker,
For the necks of Cotton Kings.

They have rubbed out the Declaration,
And the Great FOURTH OF JULY,
[They’d?] rub out all debts they owe us,
[And?] we’ll rub all in or die.

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    Still Image
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    Steele, Silas Sexton
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    17.5 cm x 10.5 cm
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