How Are You Hold Hingland?


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, Toy Books PAPER DOLLS MOTTO YEARSES, &c New-York

How are you, Hold Hingland?

The British lion loud did roar,
And couldn’t really think
How Uncle Sam could go to war
Without a cent of chink;
For, he, like others as forlorn,
At Cotton’s throne fell down,
And little thought that good King Corn
Did wear a golden crown.

And we all know, he loudly swore,
That, in this civil fight,
He never once would show his paw,
Till things again were right:
But Johnny Bull could not forget
The days of long ago—
When Washington and Lafayette
Gave him a deadly blow.

He gets into an awful stew—
’Cause Uncle Sam demands,
And takes from out a British crew
Two rebel contrabands.
He swears he will get up a fight—
Forgets the oath he made—
And vows he’ll try, with all his might,
To break up our blockade.

He’d better not—for well he knows
That France is in his rear—
And if with us he comes to blows,
We’ll free Ould Ireland, dear.
So, wide awake, my Yankee boys—
You country still defend;
And tremble not at England’s noise—
Ould Ireland is your friend.

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