How Sherman's Veterans Took Atlanta


By James D. Gay, the Celebrated Army Song Publisher and Vocalist, No. 300 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

How Sherman’s Veterans Took Atlanta.

In his chair of Rebellion sat Jerrerson Davis,
Before him there lay on the table a map;
He put his fore finger right down on one part of it,
Said he, “there’s my strong hold, and Hood is the chap
Who will keep it for me, for if Sherman should get it
To my railroads and workshops I’d murmer: good bye!
And what would I do if deprived of Atlanta?
And where would Secessia obtain its supply?”

In his tent all undaunted sat General Sherman,
Surrounded by Generals all gallant and brave;
Said he, “we must march and get into Atlanta,
For o’er it the flag of the Union must wave!
The Rebels like devils will fight to reclaim it,
For they well know its capture their death
Out Hood must go, I’m determined to gain it!
So on to Atlanta! brave comrades with me!”

From far Chatanooga, through swamp and through forest,
O’er mountain and river, brave Sherman led on,
He fought every step, but marched steadily onward
And many a battle his brave comrads won!
He flanked and outwitted the hosts that opposed him,
Then reaching Atlanta one last struggle made,
And Hood he stole out from the walls that enclosed him
And close at his heels went in Sherman’s Brigade.

Now, glory to Sherman, and all his brave Veterans,
Who won Georgia back to the Union again;
The rebel strong-held has our flag waving o’er it,
And treason shall never more touch it, nor stain!
From triumph to triumph advancing, full quickly,
Our soldiers new honors and trophies shall claim
While Jeff. loosing strong-holds one after another
Will be hunted from Richmond and—give up his game.

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