How to Close This Cruel War


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How to Close this Cruel War.

How to close this cruel war
You can find no better law,
But support the Constitution and the Union;
And when the men you find
Who keep up this war for gain,
Just drive them from this Happy Land of Canaan.

Now, the friends who stay at home,
Must alter much their tone
And vote to sustain the Constitution,
Or this noble Ship of State,
With all her precious freight,
Will be foundered in the bottom of the Ocean.

Now, stop politic strife,
And protect your Country’s life:
Show the world some better legislation;
If you think they never can,
Why, send some better men,
With wisdom for the Councils of the Nations.

On many a battle plain
Our Sons are lying, slain,
Where their lives were spent for the Nation;
If you love your homes as well,
You can toll the dying knell
To Secession in our once Happy Union.

They have left their homes so dear,
Their Country’s Flag to clear
From foul Treason to our once Happy Nation;
Now, support these noble men,
And stop this war for gain,
Or be ruin’s with Politic Speculation!

In the absence of the boys,
Should Old Fogies make a noise
About their Peaceful Intervention,
Why the Women of the land
Should take their brooms in hand,
And sweep them outside this Happy Union.

Now, hoist the Stripes and Stars,
To put down this cruel war;
Let’s support the Constitution and the Union;
If a Traitor shows his hand
In our Great and Glorious Land,
Why, send him from this Happy Land of Canaan.

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