Hurrah for the Flag of the Free!


Hurrah for the Flag of the Free!

There’s a banner that gracefully swells to the breeze,
‘Tis a vision of glory to see,
Shining out like a star on the waste of the sea,
As it floats o’er the hearts of the free.
There’s the while for the free, and the blue for the t[ILL]
Like the promise of God that we see,
And we’ve culled from the gardens of Heaven’s deep blue,
The stars for our bright Fleur de lis.

It make tyrants tremble wherever it waves,
O’er lands were base fetters are worn,
Where Princes are worship’d by grovelling slaves,
And freeman are yet to be born.
At Liberty’s birth this Flag was unfurl’d,
Britannia grew pale at the sight,
She knew it must one day, give laws to the World,
And become a young Giant of might.

E. Pluribus Unum, ‘twas the watchword of might
That fired our fathers of yore,
More terrible far in the blaze of the fight,
Then the shock of the cannon’s wild roar.
E. Pluribus Unum, oh! long may it stand,
A tower of strength in our cause,
And may we forever with one heart and hand
Stand up for our Flag and our Laws.

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