Hurrah! For the Union!


Hurrah! America for the Union!

Up boys, hurrah! the clouds roll back,
And light breaks on our way,
For Columbia life the curtain,
And soon begins the play.
Then hurry and take your places,
The bell has rung on shore,
And the Union Flag is waving,
Again in Baltimore!

The rebels have met in council,
Hatching their foul intents,
To hand unto Jeff. Davis,
Our town of monuments!
But loyalty was not sleeping,
And true men rose by score,
While Banks, with Union music,
March’d into Baltimore!

The traitor’s nest has been enter’d,
Its lining full revealed,
Floor’d and pack’d with ammunition,
In every nook conceal’d;
But old Fort McHenry’s stronghold,
Will bid rebellion stand,
’Till our stars once more in glory,
Shall blaze thro’out the land!

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