I Am Fighting for the Nigger


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street New-York.

I am Fighting for the Nigger.

I calculate of niggers we soon shall have our fill,
Wiuh Abe’s proclamation and the nigger army bill.
Who would not be a solder for the Union to fight?
For, Abe’s made the nigger the equal of the white.

Each soldier must be loyal, and his officers obey,
Though he lives on mouldy biscuit, and fights without his pay;
If his wife at home is starving, he must be content,
Though he waits six months for Green-Backs, worth forty-five per cent.

If ordered into battle, go in without delay;
Though slaughtered just like cattle, it is your duty to obey;
And, when old Jeff Davis is captured, paid up you may be:
If you do not mind the money, don’t you set the nigger free,

Moreover, if you’re drafted, don’t refuse to go,
You are equal to the nigger and can make as good show:
And when in the battle, to the Union prove true:
But don’t, the nigger is as good a man as you.

Three for Honest Abe, he will be a great man yet,
Though he has loaded us with taxes, and burdened us with debt;
He often tells us little jokes, when pocketing our pelf,
And, at last, has made the nigger the equal of himself.

Guard well the Constitution, the Government and laws:
To every act of Congress don’t forget to give applause:
And, when you meet the Rebels, be sure, and drive ‘em back:
No matter if you do enslave the white man, you liberate the black.

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