I Cannot Support Him! Can You?


By James D. Gay, the Celebrated Army Song Publisher and Vocalist, No. 300 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


To my comrades who nobly do battle
For freedom, for truth and for right,
Who shrink not amid the loud rattle
Of cannon, death-shotted for fight.

I would write to you as may a soldier
Who, seeing the end full in view,
Would never consent to dishonor,
Or tarnish “The Red, White and Blue.”

Shall we sue for “peace” to the traitors,
In the hour of triumph turn back?
Encourage and aid their abettors,
By voting for “armistice Mac?”

He, who, in vain hope of an honor,
To which he can never attain,
Hath paltered with foes of the nation,
Disgracing our living and slain.

’Tis true, as a commander, he led us,
But alas! For his premature fame;
’Twere well for his cause he had blotted
These records of “peace” but in name.

Forgetting the past, has he given
His name to a sham and a lie;
His friends from the ranks he has driven,
Who are fighting to conquor or die.

Hurrah! for the flag of our fathers;
Untarnished it still shall remain,
We will never consent to dishonor,
Our heroes both living and slain.

Vallandingham’s platform is bogus,
Long, Harris and Wood we descry,
Beneath it as pillars supporting
This copperhead-sham and a lie.

Our triumph is speedily dawning;
The day is beginning to break;
No spaniels are we to be fawning—
No piece but in victory make.

All hail to our nations defenders!
From hypocrites Grant us release;
For soon we shall crown in his glory,
That blessed old monarch of peace.

Then let us look well to our ballots,
As soldiers unflinching and true;
The past and the present considered,
I cannot support him, can you?

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