I Want to be a Soldier


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. 10th St., Phila.

I Want to Be A Soldier.

I want to be a soldier, and go to Dixie’s Land,
A knapsack on my shoulder, a gun within my hand;
Then I will shoot Jeff. Davis, Beauregard I will hang,
And make all Rebels tremble throughout our glorious land.

When all that class of Traitors, Floyd, Yancey, Rhett & Cobb,
These ’cursed conspirators, shall reap their great reward;
And, with our judge and jury, we will hang them on a tree,
’Till our distracted country, is from rebellion free:

Then when the war is ended, and men lay down their swords,
When to the hearts of thousands, their loved ones are re-
We’ll re-construct our “Union,” on a basis sure and firm,
That no dastard traitors, shall ever again overturn.

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