I'm Down on Double-Quick


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street New-York.

I’m Down on Double-Quick.

Since I have become a soldier, things have went rather queer;
Some say I’m a three months, others a three years volunteer;
With plenty of likes and dis-likes, to all I have to stick..
It’s nothing but pork, old salt horse, and plenty Double-Quick!

If a friend should call to see you, the men have a pretty game;
They call him paymaster, obstacle, or some such kind of a name:
Then chase him around the camp: it’s enough to make him sick;
To try to teach him discipline by giving him Double-Quick!

You may feel rather hungry.. almost in a starving state..
And wish to get your dinner first, all ready with your plate:
There are always others, just the same waiting for the lick..
To be the twentieth-one you must travel Double-Quick!

Once, upon every Sunday, to church you must always go,
Your bayonet by your side, in case you should meet a foe;
And, when the service ended, it was called a moral trick,
To drive you back to your camp, at a pleasant Double-Quick!

Each day, there are just twelve roll-calls to keep you in the camp,
If off three rods, the bugle sounds: back you will have to tramp.
And, if one you chance to miss, why, you are a poor gone chick..
Fourteen bricks in your knapsack and four hours Double-Quick!

Now, all you chaps who would enlist, don’t leap before you look!
If you wish to fight for the Union, go on your own hook;
For, if a soldier you become, it will be your last kick..
To the devil you surely will be drove headlong Double-Quick!

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