I'm Off for Charleston


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I’m off for Charleston.

My massa and my missus dey both am gone away.
Dey gone to de Sulphur Springs de summer months to stay;
An’ while dey’r off togedder on dis little kind ob spree,
I’ll go down to Charleston de pretty gals to see.

My Nelly waved her handkerchief when she seed me go,
Floating down de ribber wid de ole banjo.
As I stood and gazed upon her, I wiped away a tear,
An’ de last word I sed to her was Far you well my dear.

It begin to rain a little, de night was very dark,
An’ when my Nelly said “good-bye” de dog begin to bark,
De dog he scar’t the buzzard, de buzzard scar’t de coon,
Dey all made a nigger run till next day noon.

De-Coon begin to tire, de Dog he tire too,
De niggar he got tireder, an’ he didn’t know what to do;
De Buzzard kept a flying till de Chickens gin to crow,
Den he came down to hear me play de old banjo.

Charleston is a pretty place, de gals dey kiss so sweet,
Dey am so slender’ bout de waist, and dress so berry neat;
But I’d radder kiss my Nell dan all de gals I eber see,
Kase her breff is like an orange-blossom hanging on a tree.

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