In Memory of Col. Ellsworth, Fire Zouaves


In Memory of Col. Ellsworth, Fire Zouaves.

Fall’n when his course had just begun,—
Columbia mourns her hero son,
And with her tears bedews the grave,
Of Ellsworth—leader of the brave!

Ere autumn leaves, fallen thick around,
With their red mantle deck the ground—
Aye, long before the summer flowers,
Shall fade within their woodland bowers—

The Southern land shall rue the day
When he became the assassin’s prey;
And traitors’ wives, shall weeping tell
Of that dark hour when Ellsworth fell.

E’en now in vengeance strong and great,
Uprears her head the Empire State,
And blazons on the scroll of fame,
The short, bright flash of Ellsworth’s name!

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