Irish Brigade



Irish Brigade.

Ye sons of green Erin, assemble,
And join in the battle’s array;
The usurpers and traitors shall tremble
When they see the brigade in the fray.
Go! march to the battle-fields proudly,
Let the foe at your might be dismayed,
And the trumpet of fame shall sound loudly,
The praise of the Irish Brigade.

Old “Erin” now looks o’er the ocean
And hears the fierce bugle of Mars,
And the strength of her heart’s high devotion
Is roused for the stripes and the stars;
And she raises her voice loud as thunder,
That voice which was always obeyed,
Saying Boys, cut the rebels asunder,
With the sword of the Irish Brigade.

In view of the guilt and the treason,
The Goddess of Liberty sighs;
Let us up and defend her in season,
And bring back the joy of her eyes.
Bear the stars and the stripes o’er you proudly,
Nor e’er let your march be delayed,
Till the foe flies in terror before you,
When charged by the Irish Brigade.

A W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHEFR, 110 North 10th St., ab. Arch, Philadelphia

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