It Was My Mother's Voice


H. DE MARSAN , Publisher, 54 Chatham Street. New York.

It was my Mother’s Voice.

O Mother dear! I had a dream,
So sad, and yet so bright!. .
When, wounded, in the battle-plain
I lay.. at dead of night,
A gentle strain fell on my ear,
That made my heart rejoice,
So soft and sweet, it seemed to me
It was my Mother’s voice!

In years gone by, when but a boy,
Oftimes so sad and wild. .
Dear Mother, how your gentle voice
Would check your way ward child!
And when, ’twixt good and ill, I made
The good my blessed choice,
A tender influence lead me on..
It was my Mother’s voice!

My Mother dear, though far away,
Upon a bed of pain,
If God but hear my earnest prayer,
We soon shall meet again.
To see my childhood’s home once more,
It will my heart rejoice,
And once again, before I die,
To hear my Mother’s voice!

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