Jackson's Requiem


Song. Jackson’s Requiem.

That noted burglar Ellsworth,
We all remember well
How the rascal tore the flag down,
And how righteously he fell.

The leader of those blackguards,
By Tories styled “pet lambs,”
Who for God and their country,
Care no more than rams.

This Ellsworth from Chicago,
The first Zouaves led forth,
But robbed them of their earnings,
Before he joined the North.

A man more cursed and hated,
Has never yet been found,
But as he’s gone we’ll leave him,
May he rest under ground.

The late lamented JACKSON,
We will remember well,
How he nobly shot the ruffian,
Though murdered by Brownell.

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    Still Image
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    Ridgely, N. G. (Nicholas Greenberry), 1841-1882
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  • Illustrated
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    25 cm x 11.5 cm
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