Jeff Davis


Jeff Davis.

JEFF DAVIS is a great old boy,
As everybody knows;
But he must very careful be,
And not tread on our toes.
Jeff Davis wants his friends to try
Their luck in Privateers;—
That luck will be to “rise on high,”
With a knot behind their ears.

Jeff says he will take Washington,
But Northern boys know well
’Twill need a smarter chap than he,
To keep the “White Hotel.”
Jeff Davis makes a deal of noise,
And has a deal of “brass;”
But we can tell him, Yankee boys
Are not afraid of gas.”

Old Jeff, ’tis clear, mistakes the men
With whom he has to deal;
He doesn’t look for “heavy weights,”
And “muscle,” hard as steel.
But soon their mettle he will try,
And his days will be but few,
When he meets the men who’ll win or die,
With the Red, the White, and the Blue!

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