Jeff Davis in the White House


Jeff Davis In The White House.

Ye Northern men in Washington,
Your administration, too—
Consider well what you are about,
And what you are going to do.
Yankees gained the day with foreigners,
Yet I am sure you’ll rue the day,
When you meet the sons of Southern blood
In battle’s proud array.

You now confine our commerce,
And say our ships shan’t trade;
You first insulted Southerners,
By stealing of their slaves.
And when they dare maintain their rights,
The rights of all free men,
Old Lincoln with his Northern hordes,
Thinks be can coerce them.

Jeff. Davis is a brave man,
He will lead the Southern force;
I pity Lincoln’s soldiers,
for I fear they will fare the worse;
He will show the Union shriekers,
The Union it is done—
The secession flag, ere many months,
Will wave o’er Washington.

Jeff Davis in the white House,
What glorious news it will be;
Abe Lincoln in a inglorious flight,
In a baggage car we will see:
With Seward as conductor,
Gen. Scott as engineer,
Old Hicks, our traitor governor,
Following, panting in the rear.

Take my advice, ye Northern men,
Throw off old Lincoln’s yoke;
Hurl down the tyrant from his seat,
Who dares this war evoke.
Recognize the Southern Confederacy,
Be brothers in heart and hand—
Peace, happiness and prosperity,
Will shower its blessing on our land.

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