Jeff Davis or the King of the Southern Dominions


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. 54 Chatham Street, N.Y.

Jeff Davis Or The King Of The Southern Dominions.

Come, listen now, and you will hear
About a joke that’s very queer,
I have it in my mind quite clear.
The King of the Southern Dominions
His Court he did at Richmond fix,
And built his Palace of stolen bricks—
On Sumpter Fort he played his tricks,
And with big balls “put in big licks,”
And his name was Jeff, and to him clang
A rebel, traitorous, thieving gang;
And Uncle Sam swore soon he would hang
This rebel crew so high, and dry,
That to come down in vain they’d try,
And then would be “all in my eye,”
The King of the Southern Dominions.

On Washington his longing eyes
He turned, resolved to seize the prize,
And there would feast and gormandize
The King of the Southern Dominions;
His aids, Slidell and the gay Yancey,
With Floyd who robb’d the Treasury,
Wigfall, renowned for his bravery,
And Twiggs who is skilled in knavery,
And others of a cast the same,—
To work the plot determined came,
But Uncle Sam had bluffed their game—
For soon with trumpet, fife and drum,
Marched his armies, and they were “some”
And they “played out” ’tis true, by gum!
The King of the Southern Dominions.

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