Jeff Davis's Proclamation


Jeff. Davis’s Proclamation.

Of all the South “I’m President,
My name is “Jeffy Davis;”
For doing any dirty work
I’m quite a “rara avis”
For lying, stealing, I’m your man,
Of all such tricks I’m fond, sirs;
In early life I learn’d the plan
With Mississipi bonds, sirs.

With fifty thousand chosen men,
And Beauregard for leader,
I’m going to capture Washington
And make it a Seceder.
I should have been there long ago,
And found the place quite handy;
The only thing that keeps me now
Is “Yankee doodle dandy.

I’m going to send my privateers
A prowling on the ocean,
To rob and plunder merchantmen
All from the “Land of Goshen.”
We’re ready to commence the game,
And should have had some sport, sirs
If Lincoln had not made us lams
Blockading all the ports, sirs.

I’ve sent abroad Commissioners
To many foreign nations,
And soon, we hope, the Southern States
Will get their expectations.
We’re going to raise some money too,
If fools will only lend it;
But all the Banker seem to think
We very soon would spend it.

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