John Brown


John Brown

In Harper’s Ferry section, they have had an insurrection,
Old Brown thought the niggas would sustain him;
But old Gov’nor Wise, put spectacles on his eyes,
To show him the happy land of Canaan.

The Abolitionists are kicking up a dust,
The people of Virginia they are blaming;
Gov’nor Wise would hang them freely, Gerrit Smith and Horace Greely,
If he catches them in the happy land of Canaan.

Now old Brown is hung, and the last words he did say,
Was “Don’t keep me long remaining;”
They walked him up a slope, where they swung him on a rope,
And dropped him through the happy land of Canaan.

The nigger people, they, held a meeting for to pray,
And with hymns their voices were a straining;
To pray is very well, but old Brown is now in——,
And he will never see the happy land of Canaan.

The druggists now-a-days, have got such funny ways,
The principal business they do am slaying,
If you ask for epecac, they give you something black,
Which will send you to the happy land of Canaan.

The “Y. M. C. A.” are getting mighty gay,
The things in the Big Book they are explaining;
That’s the business they follow, they’ll sell tickets for a dollar,
That will take you to the happy land of Canaan.

Way down in Market Street, where the butchers sold their meat,
They have now commenced to make an alteration;
They have torn the markets down to beautify the town,
And make it like the happy land of Canaan.

Queen Victoria laid a plan, for the Isle of San Juan,
To have more territory there for to reign in;
She will find it mighty bad, if she makes old Scotty mad,
For he’ll blow her to the happy land of Canaan.

The ladies’ hoops will soon, be as large as Low’s Ballon,
Every day, in size, they are gaining;
They soon will be so big, they will use them for a brig.
To smuggle you to the happy land of Canaan.

I have sung about old Brown; the ladies, and this town,
But I have some ideas still remaining;
But this song is done, and I’ll write the other one,
When I arrive in the happy land of Canaan.

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    Still Image
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    Boggs, C. A.
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    23.5 cm x 11.5 cm
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