John Bull, "Or Any Other Man"


Johnson, Song Publisher, 7 N. 10th St, Philadelphia.

John Bull, “Or Any Other Man.”

Our Country is in trouble, which no one can deny,
And with the Southern traitors disunion is the cry;
But North, East and West are doing all they can,
And swear to crush rebellion or “any other man.”

The Union is safe enough, in spite of civil strife,
Each honest man will stand by it, defend it with his life;
Foreign mediation is offensive to our plan,
So, France and England stand aside, or “any other man.”

‘Tis said that Thomas Pepper was kicked out of—hell,
For awful lies and whoppers that he used to tell;
But let him try Bull Russell, and beat him if he can,
For Russell beats the devil himself, or “any other man.”

There’s old Slidell and Mason by traitor Davis sent,
To Europe, as Commissioners—they sailed aboard the Trent;
But Wilkes be overhauled them, and, to their sore regret,
Invited them to board awhile at Hotel Lafayette.

Johnny Bull wants cotton to feed his idle mills,
In consequence he threatens us with all sorts of ills,
Just let him try and live without our grain if he can,
For corn is king o’er cotton now, or “any other man.”

Our wheat, corn and flour with Johnny we have shared.
But if he wants to quarrel now, he’ll find us well prepared;
Don’t jump into the fire, Bull, but keep within the pan,
For Uncle Sam’s a match for you, or “any other man.”

Now Johnny Bull’s complaining of Uncle Sam’s stone fleet,
And says, to make the best of it, ’tis but a shabby feat.
If he don’t like the thing, just let him raise it if he can,
He’ll find it can’t be done by him, or “any other man.”

Bull seems to favor traitors, and at rebellion winks,
To see our Union shattered is fun for him, he thinks;
Be careful, for if Canada or Ireland take this plan,
You ll find it’s sorry fun for you, or “any other man.”

Now all who have more rhino than what they daily spend,
To the Union Volunteer Saloon, your spare cash you should send;
Our soldiers brave are treated there upon the gratis plan,
The money’s spent on Soldiers, but on “nary Council man.”

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