Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel. No. 6


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Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel. No. 6.

I am going to sing a song, and funny it will be,
And I’ll apply it to the old tune according,
For I’ll double up my fist and fight them as I go,
Till I get on the other side of Jordan.

The Irishmen think that they can rule
Over the American people according,
But the Americans will show them what they will do,
On this and the other side of Jordan.

The Americans go in for freedom and free speech,
They went over to Brooklyn according,
The “Micks” provoked a fight, got whipped, and
took their flight,
Hurrah! for the Yankee side of Jordan.

The Wide Awake white hats are now all the go,
The Know-Nothings wear them according,
Only say that you’re a “Mick,” and you’ll get a kick,
Which will send you to the other side of Jordan.

Let all the world know, that where ever we may go,
Our Government will be ready in affording
Protection alike to all, both the great and the small,
That hail from the Yankee side of Jordan.

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