The Maryland Battle Cry


The Maryland Battle Cry.

Hark! the trumpet calls to duty,
See, our glorious Flag unfurl’d,
The Stars and Stripes unite in beauty,
The pride and envy of the world.
So let the Southerns do as they will,
We are for the Union still;
For the Union, for the Union,
We are for the Union still.

If we wish that Flag respected,
We must answer honor’s call;
Duty must not be neglected,
Tho’ our dearest friends should fall.

Traitors have betrayed the nation,
But we will by the Union stand;
Let every patriot seek his station,
With the gallant warlike band.

Tho’ the Rebels have exulted,
In their treason and their shame;
Yet the Flag they have insulted,
Still retains its honor’d name.

Long its folds shall float above us,
While we shout out battle cry;
“We will fight for those who love us,
But let every traitor die.”

Marylanders to your station,
Boldly meet the traitor foe;
Fight as bravely for the nation,
As you did in Mexico.

Then your names shall live in story,
And echo’d be from strand to strand
Then fight for Liberty and Glory,
The Union and your Native land.

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