Maryland, My Home


Maryland, my Home.

Sweet Maryland, thy groves are green,
And sparkling are thy rills,
And lovely are thy vales between
Thy fair and verdant hills.
Though far away I plow the sea,
Or in far countries roam,
My heart with fondness clings to thee,
Sweet Maryland, my home!

Long years have passed since, when a boy,
I roamed thy fields with glee,
Or on thy waters, bright with joy,
Dashed outward to the sea.
How fair, how dear those scenes to me—
Thy skies, how bright above;
At night’s pale hour I dream of thee,
Sweet Maryland, my love!

What joy to see thee yet once more,
To hail thy favored land;
How gladly would I leap on shore,
To treated thy silver strand!
And I will cross Atlantic’s main,
When summer days shall come,
To roam the woods and hills again
Of Maryland, my home.

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