Mayor Brown


Mayor Brown.

Gather round all friends and neighbors,
Citizens of this great town,
Come and listen to this sonnet,
Of the gallant Mayor Brown.

When the mob pressed on our city,
Lincoln’s Massachusetts men,
He, with heart-felt love and pity,
Begged them to return again.

Though his voice went by unheeded,
Still they pressed upon him hard;
Yet with meekness and with patience,
He inveterate foes did guard.

Guard them from indignant freemen,
Whose own town they did invade,
Wicked Massachusetts villians,
With hearts below the scullion’s grade.

Yet this noble-hearted creature,
Risk’d his life the peace to save,
Battling proudly with the danger,
BROWN, the great, the good, the brave.

Go and seek the world all over,
Up and down through every town,
You will find your labor fruitless,
To find a man like Mayor Brown.

Yet you’ll see in every corner,
Of our great imprisoned town,
Villains with a dog’s submission,
Who would injure Mayor Brown.

Never mind, the day is coming,
When their wicked deeds shall cease,
Davis will bestow the blessing
On our suffering city—peace.

Then you puss-gut bolly-woppers,
Mischief-makers through the town,
You’ll be put in mahogany garments,
That is—when your done up brown.

Oh! You fat enchanted maggots,
Hypocrites of the Hicks degree,
White-washed faces, bunch of faggots,
Lincoln hounds of misery.

But you whose hearts are filled with honor,
You whose minds are soft as down,
Give three loud and well-told cheers,
For the health of Mayor Brown.

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