McClellan Campaign Song


MASON & co., No. 58 North Sixth St., Philadelphia,

McClellan Campaign Song.

Why are we so strong and sanguine—
See our banners waving high:
All around the sky is brightening,
“Mac” will give us victory!
He will guide our noble vessel,
Soon this “cruel war” will cease:
Now, we’ve got our “Old Commander,”
We’ll soon have a glorious peace.

“White Boys” onward now are marching,
For the “White House” is not far;
Every Stripe is on our banner,
None shall touch a single Star:
Let our “leader” be our watchword,
Fling our banner to the breeze,
For poor Abe is going westward,
Leave that White House, if you please!

Comrades, join our lively chorus,
For our country’ll soon be white;
See the “White House” is before us,
Let us rally in our might,
Ever strive our cause to brighten,
Ever keep our rights intact;
For our Country, God and Union
And our hero, “Little Mac.”

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