McClellan & Victory!!


Liberty And Union Forever M’clellan & Victory!!

I’ll sing a song. how brave McCLELLAN
Gave the rebel foe a drilling,
And made them beat retreat in fear,
With this tune ringing in their ear,

The rebels driven to theft and plunder,
Thought to scare us by their thunder,
They crossed the Potomac at Hagerstown,
To scare the women up and down.

They plundered barns and fields of corn,
Of Maryland whiskey, took a horn,
They seized each Union patriot there,
But Freedom’s Eagle sung in the air,

So on they marched for their grand attack,
But the mighty mind of “Little MAC,”
Their plans and dodges kept his eye on,
As still as a mouse, but as cool as a lion.

Upon the heights of old “South Mountain,”
He made their blood flow like a fountain,
Till old secession’s wings were clipt,
And Lee confessed himself “well whipped,”

He nobly turned the battle’s tide,
And drove them across the blue Potomac,
With battered heads and an empty stomach.

At Sharpsburg next, our gallant “MAC.”
Quickly followed suit and drove them back,
He seized their Longstreet by the knob,
And shelled the corn from Howell Cobb,

Three cheers for our glorious hero, “MAC,”
And the gallant army at his back,
He’s bound to march to victory forth,
Till the Union Flag floats South and North.

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